Lidia joined Diaverum Spain in 2011 as a staff nurse in Málaga clinics. She obtained her Ph.D. in Health Science from the University of Málaga in 2014.

When Lidia was about to finish her Ph.D. studies, she decided, in 2014, to join an international integration nurse team to support Diaverum Saudi Arabia that was in the middle of developing a network of new clinics, growing from 1 to 34 clinics, and to care for over 4,000 patients in a five-year period. The team of integration nurses was carefully selected from Diaverum countries in Europe and South America to open and integrate clinics and the nursing teams as per Diaverum policy and procedures.

Lidia’s tasks, together with the team, included nurturing a care culture as well as developing a delivery model based on Diaverum quality standards and guidelines. The model of care in Diaverum Saudi Arabia clinics is unique in its multidisciplinary framework, and consist in addition to doctors and nurses; clinical dietitians, clinical pharmacists, social workers and patient assistants in every clinic. The care teams were also of multicultural backgrounds from among other places, the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, India, as well as Saudi nationals.

Building a unified Diaverum culture and ensuring standardized care, required major activities in supervision, training and quality assurance to reach the leading medical outcomes and patient satisfaction results achieved in Saudi Arabia.

“Diaverum Saudi Arabia has always been committed to training their staff without limitations and empowering to get the best out of them. Here, you’re recognized by your name regardless of your location. Your voice is heard, valued and respected as an equal. For me, being part of the multicultural Diaverum team in Saudi Arabia has been a blessing.”

The successful results of the integration project and the level of responsibilities that Lidia was trusted with, motivated her to continue the journey in Saudi Arabia, although the plan was to return to Spain after six months.

In 2018, Lidia was appointed as Nursing Manager in Saudi Arabia and is responsible for the nursing care team for over 1000 patients in 10 clinics in 8 cities.

Her experience in Diaverum Saudi Arabia has helped her grow both personally and professionally, thanks to her international experience as well as developed her leadership and management skills.